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About Kevin Wilson

Kevin is a husband of 17 years to his amazing wife who teaches kindergarten readiness at a local school and a father to two beautiful daughters. He has spent the last 20 years in church leadership in various roles including Worship Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Senior Pastor. Kevin also spends time leading in the secular marketplace as a Human Resources Professional.  Growing up as a pastors kid in Michigan, Kevin was introduced early to ministry life, but it wasn’t until he was 18 that he would wake up to his own purpose. One night as he was contemplating suicide partially due to a traumatic event, Kevin decided to run to a local church in his neighborhood to find a reason to live another day. He found a couple of pastors there and the words they spoke to him that night changed his life. He had been in church all of his life but never had someone speak purpose into his life. That event would plant a seed that would set the course and focus of his ministry for the next two decades and continues today. Kevin’s passion is to help people find their purpose, know and embrace truth, and fall in love with Jesus. Kevin endeavors to do this through various ministries including podcasts, blogs, music, and books.

About Kyle Wentzel

Kyle Wentzel is a husband of 7 years to an amazing woman who teaches in a nearby school district and a father of two beautiful girls. Growing up in the downriver area of Michigan, he was involved in sports, outdoors, the church, etc. Through the years he faced some crucial moments in his own life that quickly developed a desire inside of him to help others. 

With 8 years of experience in the ministry, Kyle Wentzel has diligently worked with youth, young adults, and adults. Communicating has always been a huge responsibility in his vocations. Kyle continues to carry a passion for people. His desire is to see people not only find success and conquer every season of their life but to sustain that same success as new seasons approach.  There is nothing like having the confidence to face life, no matter what the circumstance is. 

Kyle hopes to give those around him both the truth and clarity they need to see that God not only exists but truly wants the best for His people. A true resolve for who you are only comes when you know why you believe what you believe. That requires education, Biblical literacy, and a passion. These are the things Kyle hopes for this generation to develop. Through the relevance and creativity of this podcast, Kyle prays and believes this can be accomplished!